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Open MON - FRI From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Clear Braces


Having perfect teeth is possible thanks to Invisalign’s invisible orthodontics. At the Virginia Dental Care Clinic, we are experts in orthodontics. Dr. Umar Akmal, our orthodontist, has the Invisalign Platinum Elite II certification, which accredits her as an expert in this technology. These certificates are only received by specialized dentists who have completed various specific courses and have successfully treated a large number of patients.
Betting on Invisalign to achieve a perfect smile has infinite advantages. The most notable is that it is highly aesthetic and imperceptible in orthodontics. Its operation is based on transparent splints, made to measure, that nobody will notice you are wearing. In addition, it is an effective, predictable and fast system compared to other types of orthodontics.

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Types of Invisalign

Thanks to this initial Invisalign study, we can plan all orthodontic treatments with guarantees. Our medical team carries it out in two important phases:

  • Previous diagnosis: using state-of-the-art imaging technologies and tests, such as the Itero intraoral scanner.
  • ClinCheck: Invisalign’s specific smile design technology. It allows planning of the entire orthodontic treatment from start to finish, in 3D.

Invisalign First: for children

At Virginia Dental Care, we always recommend our patients bring their young children for a child orthodontic checkup as soon as possible. The pediatric dentist obtains much-needed information from children’s oral structures, which allows us to anticipate the future.
Pediatric orthodontics is carried out in three phases: interceptive orthodontics, corrective orthodontics, and the retention phase. Invisalign First allows us to plan each of these phases successfully. The result is perfect and beautiful children’s smiles.
Invisible orthodontics for children has some peculiarities. In addition to the fact that we have compliance indicators, that is, with devices that warn us if the child does not use the aligners for the entire indicated time, we also include transparent replacement splints. It is normal for children to lose their dental braces or break them, but with Invisalign First, there is no problem.

Treatment: Journey to a New Smile

Both adults and teenagers can benefit from an Invisalign treatment. We only suggest an alternative treatment option for rare dental problems. Get in touch with us to see if you are eligible for an Invisalign.

1. Intake

During the intake interview, we will also take a 3D digital X-ray scan of your teeth to set up a proper treatment plan based on your wishes and the possible options.

2. Photos

Next, your teeth will be scanned and photographed. After about two weeks, you'll be shown a 3D simulation showing the treatment duration and results.

3. Placement

When your custom-made braces are ready, we invite you to put them on, and we will explain the rest of the program so that you can handle them with care.

4. Final Checkup

We'll do a final check when you've used up all of your braces. You've transformed your smile. Let's keep your smile by using 30% stronger retainers.

What is Invisalign orthodontics?

Invisalign is an exclusive invisible orthodontic system at the current dental forefront. Thanks to advances in these techniques, it is now possible to successfully correct all oral problems. All this is through transparent splints, known as aligners, which perform gradual and controlled dental movements.
This orthodontics is removable; it can be extracted from dental arches. The fact that the dental appliance is removable is one more advantage of Invisalign orthodontics since it optimizes dental hygiene processes. It will allow you to eat anything without complications.
The planning of each invisible orthodontic treatment at Virginia Dental Care is carried out to measure, considering each patient’s characteristics and needs. Then, Dr. Umar Akmal carefully studies the case and designs a personalized procedure. The goal is to get the best results in the shortest possible time.
The clear splints we use at Invisalign are also made to measure in a specialized laboratory. Then, approximately every two weeks, the sets of aligners are changed to achieve success with orthodontic treatment. This innovative technique achieves a perfectly aligned, aesthetic, and functional smile. All this without interfering at all with your rhythm of life.

Great advantages of Invisalign

  • Aesthetics: thanks to the transparent aligners, the entire treatment is very aesthetic. Orthodontics is barely noticeable when you wear it.
  • Efficacy: the innovation that invisible orthodontics is committed to allows us to guarantee success in all Invisalign treatments. With good initial planning and extreme patient commitment, we solve all kinds of oral problems.
  • No restrictions: Compared to orthodontics with braces, Invisalign is a much more forgiving procedure. With braces, we advise against eating hard foods, such as sandwiches. However, in this case, when you take out the aligners to eat, you can taste any food you fancy.
  • Optimized hygiene: the great advantage of Invisalign over other orthodontics is that it improves oral hygiene throughout the treatment. You must remove the trays to brush your teeth effectively.

In our dental clinic, we recommend you take extreme hygiene measures, using cleaning tools such as dental floss or the oral irrigator.

  • Removable: you can remove the teeth appliance whenever you need it. We normally recommend removing Invisalign only to eat and brush your teeth.
  • Comfort: with invisible orthodontics, we eliminate any uncomfortable procedure element. No wires or metal parts in your teeth. This avoids the typical discomfort of braces, such as the formation of sores in the mouth and irritation.
  • Dental checkups: Invisalign eliminates endless dental checkups with your orthodontist. As the treatment is planned at the beginning, you will only have to come on a few occasions to assess that everything is going smoothly. However, in orthodontics with brackets, periodic checkups are much more frequent because we must adjust the brackets to successfully guide dental movements.
  • Price: at Virginia Dental Care, we offer you Invisalign orthodontics at exclusive prices and with the best advantages of the moment. Since we work with all types of Invisalign, we can plan inexpensive custom procedures. In addition, we offer you differently tailor-made and interest-free financing options.

Invisalign Technology Innovation

In our dental clinic, we are specialists in diagnosis. Therefore, we analyze your needs on the first visit and plan different solutions to correct any oral problem. In addition, the Clinic Check is a state-of-the-art technology exclusive to Invisalign, which allows us to design the entire procedure intuitively and predictably.
Through powerful computer software, you can check the evolution of your smile before even starting with orthodontics. The Clinic Check is an innovative and top-quality digital smile design.
On our first visit with our orthodontic specialists, we perform imaging tests and dental impressions. After that, the goal is to enter all this material into the software to plan your entire Invisalign treatment. The advantage of all this is that we created a very secure and predictable protocol.
Before starting your orthodontic treatment, we will show you the entire procedure in 3D, and you will be able to visualize the final result of your smile at all times.