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General Dentistry Services

general dentistry services

General Dentistry Services

When you become a patient at Virginia Dental Care, we perform an oral examination during the first visit, the intake. We may also take X-rays if necessary. Together we go through the condition of the teeth so that we can draw up a personal treatment plan.

Semi-annual checkup

Our dental assistant determines the interval depending on the situation of your teeth. This is often semi-annually, but it can also be annually. During the check-up, we carefully check your teeth and, if necessary, take X-rays. In addition, we update the personal treatment plan. Your wishes will, of course, be taken into account.

Common Treatments

In our practice, general dentistry Arlington includes periodic check-ups, filling cavities in teeth, and placing crowns and bridges. You and your entire family can come to us for general dental treatments. We even recommend taking your children to the dentist at an early age for anxiety prevention.
Most routine exams entail your general sedation dentistry, not only seeing inside your mouth physically but also taking X-rays to assess your dental health fully. This is done to check for cavities, the location of your jaw and teeth, the alignment of your teeth when you bite, and any anomalies, such as bone loss. X-rays will provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your condition.

general dentistry arlington
general sedation dentistry

Periodic control

At Virginia Dental Care, we check your teeth twice a year. By coming every six months for the periodic check-up, we maintain the healthy condition of your teeth. Our dentists are trained to look for cavities, check the health of the gums, and remove tartar. They have done this for years. This way, we prevent any dental problems and identify them in time. If it’s necessary, we’ll clean your teeth or send you to a dental hygienist or a person who helps prevent problems.


We also take pictures of your teeth during visits to our dental practice. How often this happens and at what times depends on the condition of the teeth. With an extensive treatment plan or specific dental problems, an x-ray of your teeth can be made.


Virginia Dental Care is Very UNIQUE

Virginia Dental Care offers a full range of dental treatments from General, Cosmetic, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontic, Oral Surgery and Dental Implants to help you achieve your perfect smile.
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Cavities and fillings

Our dentists specialize in combating tooth decay (caries) and filling cavities that have arisen. Sweet and sour drinks and foods are harmful to tooth enamel. By taking too much of this food and not properly maintaining the teeth, you increase the risk of cavities in the teeth. At our dental clinic in Arlington, Virginia, we fight this tooth decay and apply fillings to fill the cavities. You can eat and drink again immediately after placing the fillings. Your teeth may be somewhat sensitive after applying the filling, but this feeling will decrease quickly. We also place white fillings.

general sedation dentistry
general dentistry services

Crown and bridge work

Crowns and bridges are durable replacements for molars and teeth. Crowns and bridges are the best options if a normal filling can’t be put in because the tooth doesn’t have enough grip. We also place a crown or bridge to improve the appearance of your teeth. Your teeth may be discolored or poorly formed. The advantage of porcelain crowns is that they closely resemble original natural teeth.

CAD/CAM prosthetics

It is one of the most innovative systems. It will help us design and make better restorations, like dental prostheses and other dental treatments. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, we will favor an increase in the speed of design and creation of the prosthesis, making possible all kinds of restorations and appliances that would otherwise have been very difficult to carry out. 

Extractions and prosthetics

General Dentistry Services also includes the extraction of teeth and the fabrication of full or partial dentures. Within a number of our practices, you will be referred to our dental technician for prosthetics.

general dentistry services