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Perfect Teeth Alignment

Orthodontics with transparent Braces

Perfect Teeth Alignment and teeth extraction for braces are excellent options for your orthodontic dental treatment if you want straight teeth but are concerned about how your teeth will look.
Aesthetic braces are crystal clear and made for patient comfort.
Orthodontic time is somewhat longer than classic metal orthodontic braces, but the results are just as good.

  • It is an excellent alternative to invisible orthodontics with aligners for patients seeking high aesthetics in orthodontics at a cheaper cost.
  • They are not invisible braces. Although these innovative transparent Braces adapt to the tooth’s color, achieving a very aesthetic effect.
  • They can also be white Braces. They do not stain or discolor over time.
perfect teeth alignment

Types of Braces

In the same way as there are several reasons why a brace should be used, there are various types of braces. Your situation will determine what kind of braces you need. Here are a few brace kinds

Sapphire Braces

Transparent sapphire braces are one of the most advanced orthodontic techniques that exist.Sapphire is used in cosmetic orthodontics to make crystal-clear Braces. As a result, they do not stain or lose their transparency throughout the treatment.
As they are colorless Braces, they achieve the hue of the tooth on which they are cemented.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic or porcelain Braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic materials and are highly resistant.They may have the bracket gap reinforced with a metal band covered when the arch is positioned.Porcelain Braces are hidden, with the teeth going unnoticed.

Zirconium Braces

With the incorporation of zirconium as a material in dental treatments, Braces have been developed that provide the aesthetics of porcelain and the excellent resistance properties offered by zirconium.They do not have a metal groove, which slightly increases friction.They blend in much better with the tooth.

Polysulfone Braces

The transparent polysulfone Braces are made of a novel plastic composition based on polysulfone, a thermoplastic polymer.

Procedure and Process Treatment

Braces straighten crooked or misshapen teeth. Braces can fix a small overbite or underbite. The braces process can be long, but it's straightforward once you start. Let's stroll through the braces virginia procedure, so you know what to expect at appointments and daily activities.

1. Consultation

Our expert will inspect your teeth to make sure they are in excellent enough condition for braces. Asking about alternative braces is a fantastic idea at this time, such as clear alignment trays like Invisalign. You can ask our orthodontist about costs and payment options at this time.

2. Braces Wearing

Brace installation is a multi-step process. The dentist will clean your teeth first. Then he will prepare your teeth so your braces' brackets will stick. Afterward, he will use dental cement to attach brackets and wire to your teeth. Wire is placed on brackets to gently shift teeth. The braces are then placed.

3. Care Instruction

During this appointment, our Virginia dentist or orthodontist will also tell you how to take care of your braces. You'll be able to keep your braces and teeth secure in this way. You can learn from your dentist what foods to avoid as well as how to properly clean your teeth and braces.

4. Regular Visits

Braces straighten teeth and the jaw. To do so, contact our arlington dentist at Virginia Dental Care every three to four weeks for adjustments. This maintains tension on the braces wire, allowing teeth to shift. Our dentist can inspect your teeth and mouth at these appointments and give you valuable advice.

Before and After

The result of orthodontics with Braces is perfect teeth alignment. This improves the patient’s self-esteem as they recover excellent dental aesthetics and a perfect smile.Orthodontic treatment with Braces aligns your teeth and improves your smile regardless of age.Both teens and adults go through the same biological process when their teeth move. Very significant facial changes are now achieved with optimal orthodontics.The teeth move. So, you must use the final orthodontic retainers and follow your specialist’s recommendations.

Aesthetic orthodontic advantages

It is an orthodontic treatment just like the conventional metallic one, but with a high level of aesthetics.Teeth extraction for braces virginia a perfect correction of the bite, which prevents dental wear and temporomandibular dysfunction (problems that affect the joints and chewing muscles that connect the lower jaw to the skull).