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Teeth in a Day

Dental Implants in a day

At our dentist’s office, we can replace all of your teeth in one day, which is a new and unique service in Virginia.In this procedure, a bridge replaces all the upper and lower teeth in one day. These teeth appear and feel normal.A dental prosthesis usually has a big effect on a person’s daily life, in part because it can take up to a year to get a new one. Patients often have to come back for treatment and sometimes go without teeth for a while before getting a plastic prosthesis.

Requirements for treating teeth in one day

To get an implant treatment in one day that will improve the look of your mouth, you must meet a minimum of requirements that will give you long-lasting results that will make you happy.You also can’t have an infection that is in its acute phase at the time of the intervention and you need to have gotten rid of other diseases, like periodontal disease, that can make the treatment less likely to work.Habits like bruxism or smoking can delay and prevent correct osseointegration and healing of dental implants.

Teeth in a Day

Advantages and requirements of teeth in one day

The following are some advantages of the “Teeth in a Day” procedure:

  • There is no time lost without teeth. Therefore, facial features, chewing ability, and speaking clarity are all maintained.
  • While your dental implant fuses with your jawbone, the temporary prosthetic gives you more security.
  • Throughout treatment, patients can feel comfortable expressing their smiles.

Why implants with teeth in one day are a good idea?

The main benefit of getting immediate loading dental implants is that you can see the results right away. Not surprisingly, the time between putting in the same day dental implants and putting on the dental crown has gone from 3 months to just one day.
With a “teeth in a day” treatment, you have to do much less work to get a new smile than with traditional implantology.
On the other hand, the results are the same and, in many cases, better than the placement of a conventional dental implant,  not only in terms of aesthetic issues but also in terms of its ‘useful life’: an immediately loaded implant has the same prognosis after long and short term than a conventional one.

Is "Teeth in a Day" the best option for me?

If you’ve been told you need to have your teeth extracted and need a denture but can’t wear it right now, Teeth in One Day using the All-on-4 procedure will save you a lot of money.


Why should you go with Virginia Dental Care?

When it comes to your teeth and health, choose wisely, namely, for a lot of experience and the best quality.

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1. Everything under 1 roof

All specialists work together in our dental clinic, laboratory, and anesthesia center. This way, you will get better and faster service! So get your bright smile back.

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2. Experienced Specialists

Are you apprehensive about simple or sophisticated dental procedures? Your request is not odd to us. There have been more than 30,000 patients before you.

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3. Highest review scores

We get dozens of reviews every week, and the average rating is always high. Your feedback helps us to maintain our high standards of quality and service.

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4. Own advance dental lab

The best result is because our lab's dentists and skilled dental technicians work together daily. Your teeth are custom-made and, therefore, completely suited to you.

Teeth in a day

In practice, it means that the extraction of the tooth, the placement of the implant and the new tooth on it are carried out in a single visit to the dentist.
Teeth in a day are also one of the solutions that can be used when the patient has lost part of his teeth for some time and opted first for a retained removable prosthesis on several natural teeth that now need to be extracted. In this case, the natural pieces are extracted, and the entire set of teeth is replaced: both removed in consultation and previously lost.
Dental implants and the final prosthesis placement follow the same procedure as conventional implant techniques. The results are similar and even better in many cases since they allow us to guide tissue healing from the moment of extraction. This is because of minimizing the loss of tissues (gum and bone) when losing a tooth.
Immediate-load dental implants are placed in patients with gum with enough residual bone to place the implant with the necessary initial stability. It is an essential requirement because the teeth in one day must be placed on implants with sufficient stability to avoid other surgical procedures that condition the placement of the implant, as is the case with some types of regeneration.
In addition to this preliminary study to determine if immediate implant placement is possible, at the Virginia Dental Clinic, we will make sure that your health conditions allow us the best results. We will help you finish or at least control if you have habits that can condition the correct healing, such as tobacco or bruxism.
We also consider it very important to conduct an exhaustive prior study of each case. For us, it is the best way to ensure that the placement of immediate load implants is the most suitable for you.
The price of an immediate load dental implant treatment is somewhat higher than the conventional technique because it requires the preparation of a provisional prosthesis that will be attached to the implants during the osseointegration (healing) period.
If you are interested in this aesthetic dental treatment, we recommend that you request an appointment with us.