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Teeth Whitening Arlington, VA

Permanent Teeth Whitening

Looking for a good deal on teeth whitening at a global dental clinic? The treatment is perfect for dental tourists for sprucing up a smile quickly, easily and painlessly—it is one of the most effective treatments available and is great to get on holiday.

You may have noticed that most effective teeth whitening is very popular these days. In fact, if you are active on social media, you can hardly escape it. You have probably seen famous people or influencers who post with a pearly white smile. Not surprising, given that teeth whitening is now more affordable than ever!

  • Whiter teeth after just one treatment!
  • More than 40 locations worldwide
  • More than 1 million customers served

For centuries, white teeth and an attractive appearance have been intertwined. It is popular for this reason and for people who smoke heavily or have naturally yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is a relief. What are you doing it for?

Teeth Whitening Arlington Va

What Are the Various Types of Whitening Procedures?

There are various teeth whitening treatments available–some more effective than others.

  • Whitening toothpaste is probably the most common, but the whitening effect is minimal, even with regular use.
  • Kits for at-home teeth whitening are available from dentists. You will need to get dental impressions, which will be used to make trays that will fit over your teeth. Laser teeth whitening is more effective.
  • Laser teeth whitening is carried out in your dentist’s office. There are numerous brands of laser teeth whitening, but the lightening effects are identical across all brands.

Am I Suitable for Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Not everyone can get their teeth whitened, and there are many things that can change the colour of your teeth, such as:

  • Tobacco use
  • Staining foods and beverages, such as wine and coffee, should be avoided.
  • Not cleaning teeth
  • Age (as we age, the enamel becomes thinner)

Extrinsic stains, or those on the tooth’s surface, are the most amenable to teeth whitening.

Restore Your Pearly Whites Once More!

With us, whitening your teeth is not harmful and does not affect the tooth enamel or gums in any way. The treatments are also completely painless. With us, whitening your teeth is not damaging and does not affect the tooth enamel or gums in any way. The treatments are also completely painless.

1. Whitening Gel

The quality of the whitening gel is the most important element of the teeth-whitening process. We, therefore, only use very high-quality gels for the most optimal result.

2. Whitening Machine

Our permanent teeth whitening light uses the most up-to-date LED light technology, which speeds up the activation of the whitening gel. You can see the remaining treatment time on the display.

3. Polishing Teeth

Using this method, your teeth are polished and cleaned of external discolorations and deposits. This helps the gel adhere to the tooth and produces a better result for your teeth.

4. Post-treatment

The enamel becomes fragile and porous after the teeth whitening treatment. This takes a few hours, though. Fluoride mouthwash after bleaching can assist in this process.

Is Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment to Have as a Dental Tourist?

Yes, teeth whitening arlington va is popular among dental travelers, particularly laser teeth whitening, which is much less expensive than at home. In addition, laser teeth whitening will only take a couple of hours out of your vacation and will produce visible results.

There is very little downtime with the procedure, although some people have said their teeth are sensitive for several afterward, which does settle down in time.

To keep your smile white, you may also want a home teeth whitening kit from the dentist – you can always go to a local affordable teeth whitening dentist to get more gel.