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White Tooth Filling

White Tooth Filling

If you have decayed, broken, or chipped teeth, you can fix them with a white filling. It creates a natural look, therefore, is an ideal solution for many people. At Virginia Dental Care, we work according to the most modern techniques. We have left the time of old gray fillings (amalgam fillings) far behind us. We use white tooth filling (composite fillings) and only the strongest and most beautiful kinds. Nerdy fact. To be really hyper-correct. We ourselves speak of composite restorations. A confectioner fills his gingerbread, and a dentist restores your tooth.

Why should you consider white fillers?

Most people have different kinds of fillings in their mouths. Today fillers can look natural. People are becoming more conscious about their appearance, so they don’t want silver fillers showing through when they smile or laugh.


Different dentists can have very different prices. It usually depends on how much white filler is used, what kind it is, and how long it takes to finish the treatment. Additionally, costs may vary by region, but the dental staff can provide an estimate before you consent to treatment.

Are white fillings as effective as amalgam ones?

People have always thought that silver amalgam fillings last longer than white fillings. But new materials are available, similar to silver amalgam, and they yield very positive results.How long a white cavity filling lasts depends on where in your mouth and how hard your teeth touch when you bite down. How long your fillings will last will be said to you by your dentist.

Does it make sense to replace my amalgam fillings with white ones?

Fillings should usually only be changed when your dentist thinks a previous one needs to be replaced. If this is the case, you can request to replace it with a tooth-colored material.Some dentists would rather not use white composite filling in the back teeth because they are not always successful. Another way to do it would be to use crowns or inlays, which may involve removing more than one tooth and may be more expensive.

Whit Fillings

During the treatment, our dentist will first determine the color of your filling. After this, the old filling is removed, and any caries or discolorations are removed. The white filling is then applied. The composite is applied in layers. It allows the material to adhere well to your original tooth.

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1. Grinding the tooth

When a filling in a molar needs to be replaced, the old filling is first removed. When a molar is filled for the first time, only the affected part of the molar is ground away. If the filling is applied to make a tooth more beautiful, nothing or only very little of the tooth needs to be ground away.

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2. Lay Dry

For the filling to stick to the tooth, the tooth surface must be dry. A rubber piece (the rubber dam) is sometimes used for this 'draining.' This rubber dam is pulled over the tooth to be treated. The surface can also be dried with an extractor and cotton wool rolls.

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3. Bonding technique

First, acid is used to prepare the tooth or molar for the composite and compomer. Then, an adhesive layer is put on top. This bonding layer hardens through exposure. With glass ionomer, a pre-treatment with acid also takes place, but an adhesive layer is unnecessary.

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4. White Fillings

The filling material is usually applied to the tooth in a number of layers. The white filling of composite is placed on the bonding layer. The glass ionomer filling is bonded directly to the tooth. Finally, the surface of the filling is polished for composite and compomer.

What are tooth-colored fillings made of?

They can be different, but they are usually made of small glass pieces, synthetic resin, and a setting agent. Again, your dentist and his or her team will be able to tell you more about the materials they use.

Where can I get white fillers?

White cavity filling are something that most dentists offer as part of their services.

Are there alternatives to fillers?

In “adhesive dentistry,” the filling is bonded to the tooth. So, the dentists have to take out less of the tooth, which is better.