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Pinhole Surgical Technique


Many patients have read or heard that soft tissue grafting is an excruciatingly painful procedure with a lengthy recovery period. Patients are so fearful that they would rather risk oral health complications or tooth loss than undergo a gum graft.

Regrettably, as time passes and oral health issues become more severe, gum recession, the correction option becomes more complex, painful, and expensive. Therefore, the best time to correct an oral health problem is when they are first discovered.

The pinhole surgical technique (PST) is a minimally invasive way to treat gum recession that doesn’t involve sutures or other common soft tissue grafting methods.

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Aftercare tips for Children and adults

Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) Procedure

A small “pinhole” is created in the tissue so that specialized instruments can be inserted and a “flap” raised.
Once the cells is separated from the tooth and tooth below, it is easy to move.
Strips of resorbable collagen are then used to hold the tissue in place while healing occurs.

PST Limitations

The pinhole surgical technique may be inapplicable in areas with advanced bone loss. In addition, patients cannot have active periodontal disease or gum inflammation at the time of surgery.

What distinguishes the Pinhole Technique from traditional gum grafting?

The gumline is rebuilt using donor tissue or soft tissue grafts. As it heals, the sutured soft tissue will fuse with the existing gum tissue.

The traditional grafting procedure works well, but the Pinhole Surgical Technique can get similar results with a better experience for the patient.

Why Should You Go With Virginia Dental Care?

Virginia Dental Care is safe, reliable, and affordable. Your medical wishes and health are our priority, always and everywhere. We ensure that your teeth become and remain strong, healthy, and beautiful so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

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1. All knowledge in-house

Our clinic does everything from general dentistry to implantology, orthodontics, veneers, and a lot of crown and bridge work. We manufacture everything ourselves in our own laboratories. So you can get everything under one roof.

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2. Personal Attention and care

We want you to feel comfortable in our office because it involves more than just your teeth. So, everything we do to provide good service is to get to know you personally and improve your oral health. Count on us to restore your smile.

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3. Modern Technique and Equipment

Because we stay abreast of the latest dental developments, our practice uses the most advanced equipment. At our office, we will treat your dental problems with the most forward-thinking method available right now.

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4. Experienced Dentists

Our staff includes general dentists and specialists who are highly experienced and can figure out what kind of Dental Care will help your teeth the most. Based on your goals and our professional experience, we will work together to find the best way to get beautiful, healthy teeth.

Advantages of The Pinhole Surgical Technique

With traditional gum grafting, there were limits to how many teeth and how much area could be treated in a single session. Most gum grafts take anywhere from several months to over a year to heal, depending on the situation. So, the main benefit of PST is that it can be used to treat multiple teeth or even the whole mouth at once.

These are the advantages of the techniques:

  • The intervention that fixes all of an arcade’s recessions.
  • Since there is no gum array at the palate, no incision, and no sutures, there is a little follow-up after the surgery.
  • In 24 hours, the hole created by the needle to enter the instruments will close up.
  • To address all recessions, the intervention usually lasts less than an hour.
  • The cosmetic and functional results are the same as with other treatments, but you don’t have to deal with the pain and limitations of traditional methods.

There is also significantly less time in the periodontist’s chair, better patient acceptance, less postoperative discomfort, and fewer dental insurance restrictions than conventional soft tissue grafts.